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We offer a large number of services to Corporations, Small Businesses and Not for Profit Organizations.
Our focus is primarily on implementation of Open Source Software, Open Protocols, Linux and BSD
Contact us if you have any questions regarding our services or a detailed explanation of Linux or BSD.

Linux Support

Augment your companies IT infrastructure with our Certified System Engineers. Linux deployments are becoming more commonplace in all markets but DISA/STIGS security protocols aren't being utilized. Some issues require indepth knowledge that your team may not have. We help companies integrate and deploy Linux Solutions targeted at both servers and desktops.

Linux Training

Learning a new Operating System can be a daunting task without the proper training and documentation. Our Engineers will brief your IT staff and bring them up to speed in Linux proficiency and competency. We document all of our procedures with White Papers to help provide your team with proof of concept development and production solutions .

Linux Solutions

Our Linux solutions allow companies to scale up their infrastructure on demand with Virtualization and Cloud Computing. Deploy your own private cloud for maximum scalability and hardware utilization. We specialize in all facets of Linux including PBX Systems, WiFi, Virtualization, etc. We can show you the numbers; lower TCO for a higher ROI.

BSD Solutions

We have extensive experience with FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD Operating Systems which are known to the most secure systems in the server market. We can support your current BSD infrastructure and or help your team develop the needed skill set to secure your servers from attacks. We build servers for clients as well.

Mac Solutions

Support is available for Mac environments from OS8 up to OSX. We focus more on OSX Server and Desktop Environments for power users and education environments. We develop systems based on Linux and BSD that allow Mac based businesses to utilize their hardware without being encombered by difficulites faced with OSX licensing.


We focus on Linux and BSD based systems, yet we fully support working with our clients existing infrastructure and buttress the weak points of Windows based Servers with the strong points of Linux and BSD systems. We achieve interoperability between all systems, yet its fully transparent to the end users.

Security Audits

Your network infrastructure means everything to your company and the services you provide. Your servers and firewalls may be misconfigured allowing intrusions by cyber criminals. Your wireless network maybe be providing an open door into your otherwise secure network. Is there an unauthorized wireless router being used on your network? We'll pinpoint your weaknesses and brief you on how to fix them.

System Monitoring

Mission critical systems require constant monitoring to ensure your services have 99.9% availibility. We provide delayed and realtime monitoring suites that keep you informed and alerted at all times. Is your network near saturation and do you have hidden bottle necks that hinder your ability to function and full capacity? We can chart figures and benchmarks to provided you with the necessary test data.

Remote Back Up

Our back up solutions are automated, offsite, encrypted and reliable. We offer 3 layers of automated redundancy and check all backups for realiablity to avoid false positives or dirty backups. Offsite back ups protect your data in the event of localized damage such as fires and flooding. Encryption prevents your data from being exposed even if it falls into the hands of corporate espionage or would be hackers .

PSD Templates

Establish brand identity on the Internet with a customized website template designed according to your needs. Our design specialists will work within the realm of your industry to produce a design thats clean and manageable.

Interface Design

We design intelligent User Interfaces which make them intuitive, fast and appealing to the end user. Your look is everything. Whether its a phone user interface, Operating System or kiosk. Usability is interpretted through design.

Logo Creation

Your company deserves a mark that exemplifies its image and boulsters its name. We take branding very seriously; we'll design a logo with symbology that represents the tenets of your company.

Software Packages

Open Source software developers need their software packaged in several forms to be included in Linux distributions. We'll help you get your software stack out the door by building the packages for the top 5 Linux Distros including some BSD Distros. We also provide manual page documentation services.

Search Optimization

Garner the attention your site deserves by boosting your search page rank. We can propel you into the higher ranks, but no SEO firm can guarantee a number 1 rank. We'll provide you with the an online marketing campaign and the metrics to prove its effectiveness. Top 10 is what we strive for.

E-Commerce Sites

Let us design your E-Commerce portal to get your products to the market while tracking all the performance metrics and earnings per sale. We offer solutions that are manageable, effective and most importantly secure. Contact us for a live guided demo of our E-Commerce solutions.

Latest News

Release date pushed back to May
02 / 01 / 10  |  Products, Linux

Our flagship Linux Operating System release will be delayed until May 1, 2010.... Our first release is much heralded and almost 2 years in development.

Site Maintenance
01 / 28 / 10  |  Linux, Servers

Site maintenance is scheduled for 0200 GMT -5 so please be patient if you have difficulties accessing certain areas of the site.

Get BSD Certified
01 / 01 / 10  |  Linux, Servers

The BSD Certification Group is offering BSDA certifications to competent Unix administrators.

The BSD Associate(BSDA) level certification is quickly becoming the Gold Standard in Unix Certifications.

.We highly recommend the BSDA certification to all Unix Administrators.
Visit www.bsdcertification.org for more information about the
BSDA certifcation exam.

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Latest Site News: Our flagship Linux Operating System release will be delayed until May 1, 2010...

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