• Enterprise Back Up Solutions

    Let our Engineers craft a back up solution for your companies needs. We provide offsite back up solutions that form a secondary or tertiary back up in addition to your primary back up. Are you following the correct protocols to ensure your data is viable and reliable?

    Do you have a failover preparedness plan?

  • Handhelds for First Responders

    Gain control of the situation with our infield Task Management solutions that keep everyone informed, located and connected. Create adhoc mesh networks in the field to stay connected with a central command station. Expand your base of operations via encrypted voice networks.

    Maintain visibility in blackout situations.

  • Full-Service Design Team

    We craft Interface designs for Operating System aesthetics that give your product or solution its own atmosphere and uniqueness. We'll design you a modular Operating System Interface from the ground up.

    Linux and BSD offer a wide range of tool sets and software suites to build full scale Open Source Enterprise Deployments.

Twitter Update: "Are you leveraging the power of Open Source? " 30 minutes ago.

Latest Site News: Our flagship Linux Operating System release will be delayed until May 1, 2010...

Bryan Smith said, "Things are on track for a May 1st Release of our Linux based OS

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Plug Computing

The Sheeva Plug is a
2 Ghz Embedded Linux computer/server that consumes only 4 watts of power. Click the image to get an idea of its size. Learn more

Linux Development

What is Linux? click the image to see IBM's Linux Ad campaign.
We specialize in Linux developement in the kernel space, server and Desktop Environment.

Automated Backups

Secure your data before the inevitable happens. Ensure that your client data is available after system failures and power outages. Be proactive not reactive. Learn More.